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Basic parameters Dimensions(mm) 110.00*68.00*30.00mm Coil Data Note
Contact Arrangement 3A,3B Coil Rated Voltage  Coil Power  High switching capacity;high consistency;high contact force;low contact resistance;low temperature rise;auxiliar contacts;Movable reed;High conductive material with larger cross section;High stability
Contact Material Silver Alloy 6-48VDC (S):5/3.8W (D):10/7.6W
Max Switching Current(Anti-Load) 100A/150A Set Voltage Reset Voltage
Max Switching Voltage  110VDC/250VAC 80% Rated Voltage 80% Rated Voltage
Max Switching Power 1800W/25000VA;2500W/37500VA
SPECIFICATIONS DATA Voltage Pulse Width Set/Reset Time Contact Bounce Time Contact Resistance Insulation Resistance Dielectric Strength Vr.m.s
50ms 30/30ms 5ms 2MΩ 1000MΩ Between open contacts Between Coil&Contacts Between Contacts Assembly
Limit Ambient Temp.() Service Life Expectancy
-40+70 Electrical(Operation) Mechanical(Operation) 2000VAC 4000VAC ≥4000VAC
Normal:3x103 Particular:5x103 1x105
Applications Three-Phases  Electrical Meters
Automatic Meter Reading(AMR)
Automatic Control devices

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